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« Promoting access to the specially abled », that’s what we stand for at XLability.

XLability, a French 1901 association, is working for the reduction of social exclusion that affect people with disabilities.


The association has 2 main objectives:

– To campaign against discrimination towards people with disability and to promote their accessibility through sport, education and sensitisation.

– The association carries out its mission by organising events, such as sporting exchanges, wheelchair rugby demonstrations and environmental “clean India” and “Clean Cambodia” days involving abled and disabled people. It also provides an educational programme both in India and Cambodia, to explain the challenges and issues surrounding disability in those countries as well as the opportunities and solutions for reducing social exclusion which disabled people are too often victim of.


The association is funded through individual donations as well as corporate sponsorship. In the future Xlability will also aim to seek funding through state subsidies, from local authorities and public institutions.



The association logo represents the position of two wheelchair rugby team players, back-to-back when the starting whistle is blown with the ball as it’s thrown in the air.

XL in XLability: the wheelchair rugby players have the ability to practise and EXCEL in any type of sport; it’s also a subtle reference to the shirt size traditional rugby players would wear!

Ability in XLability: the wheelchair rugby players are not considered “disabled” but “specially” or “differently” abled… where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!


511, Chemin San Peyre, Pradet, 83220, Toulon, France.