XLability, a French 1901 association, is working for greater public awareness about disability and the reduction of social exclusion that affect people with disabilities. We do this through education programmes aimed at both adults and children, inclusive sporting activities and international sports exchanges.


The association has 3 main objectives:

  1. Educating society about disability and both the achievements of people with disabilities and the challenges they face. The education programmes raise awareness by educating adults, youths and children about the need for an inclusive approach to people with disabilities.
  2. Enabling people with disability to become more autonomous, physically and socially. The Association aims to help disabled people to become more autonomous through the creation and promotion of all-ability sporting activities, where people with disability play sports together with able bodied people. These activities currently take place in France, India and Cambodia through partnerships with local and international organisations. A long term objective is to help people with disability find employment by bringing able-bodied people, who are potential employers, to meet with people with disability with a view to employing them.
  3. Campaigning against discrimination towards people with disability and promoting accessibility. The organisation of international sporting activities including wheelchair sports exchanges brings international media attention to the achievements of people with disability, focusing on their needs and bringing their cause into public forums. A long term objective is to make wheelchair sports more mainstream.


The association is funded through individual donations as well as corporate sponsorship. In the future Xlability will also aim to seek funding through state subsidies, from local authorities and public institutions.


LOGO A METTRE SUR LA PAGErugbyyyThe association logo represents the position of two wheelchair rugby team players, back-to-back when the starting whistle is blown with the ball as it’s thrown in the air.
XL in XLability: the wheelchair rugby players have the ability to practise and EXCEL in any type of sport; it’s also a subtle reference to the shirt size traditional rugby players would wear!
Ability in XLability: the wheelchair rugby players are not considered “disabled” but “specially” or “differently” abled… where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!


511, Chemin San Peyre, Pradet, 83220, Toulon, France.

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