Meet our team!

Director and co-founder
Michael is the co-founder and secretary of XLability which was created to help promote the activities on disability awareness in partnership with the Soulcial Trust, the NGO he manages in India and Cambodia. In addition to disability awareness programs, the Trust also works on environmental and educational issues. Besides his work with XLability and the Soulcial Trust, Michael runs a trade association in the duty free and travel retail industry.
Programmes Director
Julie joined the Soulcial Trust team in March 2018. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and anthropology from New York University, she worked in operations and project management at an international travel company. During extensive travel in Southeast Asia and volunteer experience in the field of animal welfare, she became passionate about addressing social and environmental issues in the region. She is excited to be a part of the Soulcial Trust team and looks forward to collaborating within the community to expand the Trust’s activities.
Operations Manager, India
Guddu is a multi-talented all rounder who gets around on his skateboard. An amputee since the age of 10, Guddu is no stranger to the realities and hardships of living with a disability in India. Having empowered himself for the past few years, Guddu joined XLability and the Soulcial Trust team to help empower others, who like him, do not have the use of certain limbs and therefore do not receive the same consideration in society as abled-bodied people. Alongside his work at the XLability and the Soulcial Trust, Guddu works at a guesthouse.
Sara Sor
Operations Manager, Cambodia
Sara Sor, an experienced NGO operative of Cambodian origin joined The Soulcial Trust team in June to head up the operations in Cambodia. He is responsible, among other tasks, of helping develop the wheelchair sports center The Soulcial Trust is setting up in Siem Reap.
XLability Project Manager
Pauline is a French student from the Laval University in Québec, Canada. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in management, she is now completing the final step of an international development and humanitarian action master's degree as an intern at Soulcial Trust. Dedicated to human issues, she has been involved in several non profit organizations over the past years as a volunteer. Passionate about music, sports, human rights and adventure, her need for new challenges brought her to Siem Reap where she will be part of the XLability team for the next 6 months.
XLability Project Manager
Vincent is a French student from École Centrale Lyon engineering school. He is in his gap year and has decided to dedicate this free lecture year to going to Southeast Asia and helping populations there. Passionate about sports from a young age, he really believes that sports is a real conveyor of integration. Skilled in project management, being part of the XLability project was the perfect fit with all his expectations.
Emeric is a former national level sportsman having competed for France as a Young sailor in international competitions. He continued his passion professionally by creating a maintenance software company specifically for the maritime sector, which he has successfully run for over 15 years. With a deep understanding of the importance of sport for personal fulfilment and confidence from personal experience, Emeric is a staunch supporter of promoting disability sports and raising awareness for the cause.
Emilie is a former model and no stranger to the importance of physical well-being and sense of achievement, whether through the stage or sports. She has worked in insurance and finance for over 15 years in Marseille and now Toulon where she successfully runs one of the city’s largest insurance brokerages for Axa. She dedicates her spare time to her 2 daughters, on whom she is keen to impress the importance of social justice and inclusion, irrespective of race, religion or physical ability.

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