LogoMontpellier Wheelchair Rugby Club (MHR) was created in July 2014. It was launched thanks to the motivation and tenacity of the members and players, both abled and disabled sportsmen. They come from different backgrounds; some from Rugby or Football clubs, others are former students of The Faculty of Sport Sciences.


Emmanuel RAVELOJAONA is the club’s president. It has around 15 members and is expecting many applications for the upcoming season.


The club has a team of Quad Rugby and a team of Wheelchair Rugby XIII in development aimed to include both abled and disabled people.

The MHR is in full expansion!

Located in Montpellier, it also benefits from the dynamic environment and the opportunities, which this city in the South of France can offer

Since its creation the MHR benefits from the endowment fund of the professional rugby club of Montpellier Hérault Rugby and its association, the Montpellier Rugby Club. It helps by organizing events to promote and inform on the MHR during the club’s matches at the Altrad Stadium.

Sport is an essential vector to help you get back on track after an accident or a disease. We really want people joining our club to spread this message of inclusion, solidarity and pleasure. – Emmanuel Ravelojaona

Meet the members and volunteers of the club!


Maurel Brice, Fricker Aurélien, Paumard Arthur, Jacqueline Damien, Pédulla Killian, Subreville Nicolas, Oliver Mathieu, Quintana Johakim, Gaillard Cindy, Pédulla Charly, Duny Romain, Tourel Aline, Reynaud Amelie, Sellin Klervi, Le Berre Marie-Morgane.

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