How you can help XLability

Become a sponsor of this social responsibility programme. We are inviting companies to make contributions as corporate sponsors over the three year duration of the project for an annual contribution of between $5 000 and $ 10 000, funds permitting. Smaller donations (eg. $2000 or $3000) are of course more than welcome. Our first corporate donation has been granted from duty free and airline research company “m1nd-set” for $3000.

Help us put the cause for disability equality under the international spotlight!

Your sponsorship:

  • Commitment to a social sustainable cause
  • A transparent partnership with XLability
  • Much needed support to disabled people
  • A worthy form of brand equity for your company

We are looking for sponsors to make this project go from dream to reality.
Here is a summary of our 3 years projects and the needs we have to make it happen.

To donate now, please click here for details of how to donate by bank transfer or cheque.

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