Your sponsorship will mean:

  • Your commitment to a social sustainable cause
  • A transparent partnership with XLability and Soulcial Trust
  • Much needed support to people with disabilities
  • A worthy form of brand equity for your company

Sponsor benefits

Associate Partner
(up to $5000 per year for 3 years)
Official Partner
(more than $5000 per year for 3 years)
Company name attached to the project X X
Company logo visible on communication material (flyers, newsletters,  etc.) X X
Company logo visible on the stand and banners during the final tournament X X
Company recognised as a partner on all websites X X
Provision of communication tools from Soulcial Trust such as articles and photos X X
Partnership promoted during any charity fundraising events X
Publication of news articles to promote the partnership in newsletters (blog), websites, and social media. X X
Promotion of the partnership to media (French, Indian and Cambodian press) X X
Referencing company website and social media pages on websites and social media. X X
Visibility on the players’ shirts (at the front) and kit X
Visibility on the players’ shirts (at the back) and kit X X
Promotion as Official partner of the exchange X
Quarterly progress reports X X

Sponsorship proposal

Download our full proposal (Last updated: April 2018): Sponsorship Proposal

To become a sponsor, e-mail Programmes Director Julie Webb at

Thank you for your support !

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