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The trust’s mission is to raise awareness about social issues and causes in developing countries, in particular for disabled communities and environmental concerns, and to connect individuals wishing to volunteer for causes while living or travelling abroad with NGOs in need of volunteer services.

We do this through three major activities – our “pillars”: Soulcialtravel.com, XLability and Green Influence..

There are three major pillars of the Soulcial Trust’s work. The first is the Soulcialtravel.com website, which serves to connect NGOs and people living or travelling abroad to promote opportunities for volunteering. See About Soulcialtravel.com for more information.

XLability is a disability awareness project implemented in partnership with the eponymous French NGO, that focuses on the ability of people with disability through sport and education both in India, Cambodia and France.

The third pillar is about environmental issues in Cambodia and others countries in South-East Asia. Green Influence is a project where we play a coordinating role between the different environmental stakeholders of Siem Reap, in Cambodia, and take action to raise awareness on environmental issues and challenges. We do this through cleaning missions, exhibitions and a city eco workshops.  (More information on Soulcialtrust.org)

If you are a school teacher you may be interested in integrating our disability awareness educational programme in your classes

…Or a corporate executive interested in sponsoring the international wheelchair rugby exchange programme

Please contact us!
To find out more about our activities, please contact us by writing to The Soulcial Trust Director Michael Barrett : michael@soulcialtravel.com or to the team at info@soulcialtravel.com