Volunteer work to help blind children with “Humanity Foundation”


1. Writers 

Volunteers  are required to write for blind children during exams on exam days for 3 to 4 hours and sit with them in school or college. They should be junior to them in qualification i.e for 12 th class somebody should be of 11 class usually we find them in schools or colleges.

2. Readers & Educators

Humanity Foundation is also looking for volunteers who can read books for the children in English and Hindi so they can record the readings to listen again at their own leisure.

Educators are who can also teach the children their relevant subject course material. Teaching the students could be for 2 to 3 hours depending on personal availabillity. Days and timing required are Monday to Friday after 4 pm and until 9 pm.For Saturday and Sunday volunteers can come teach, read etc from 9 am to 9 pm in groups or on a one-to-one basis.

3. Communication and web development skills

NGOs like Humanity Foundation depend on the generosity of individuals and companies. Many such organisations have limited resources and lack the skills and capacity to seek sponsors and donors.

Humanity Foundation is seeking support from individuals willing and able to help them redesign their website, promote the organisation on Facebook and actively seek potential benefactors.

If you need more information, you can visit their Facebook page.

If you are interested in applying to volunteer, please send an e-mail to humanityfoundationorg@gmail.com



Volunteer to entairtain children


Are you an entertainer? A musician? Or just a funny person with a big heart ready to help children?

“Gift of Happiness Foundation” is seeking volunteers!

“Gift of Happiness” is an association providing positive sustainable development through educational comedy show productions. They also organise aid on a monthly basis by providing essential supplies to needy families, schools, medical centers and orphaned children in Thailand.


“Gift of Happiness” is looking for anyone who can do their “Party Piece”, hula-hoop, blowing, bubbles or any simple comedy acts to make the kids happy.


Professional entertainers with visual acts should have a good clean comedy act that you can present without the use of spoken language.  The type of acts they are looking for are clowns, jugglers, uni-cyclists, acrobats, mime artists, magicians etc…  There is no language used in their shows…  If you speak Thai or the Sino-Tibetan family of languages you are of course welcome to perform with these languages.

Do you play a musical instrument?

“Gift of Happiness” is also looking for musicians with portable instruments who can improvise around comedy shows. Acoustic musicians, brass, woodwind, percussion, etc.

They perform at slum schools, orphanages, hospitals and other places where children ordinarily would never get a chance to see these inane antics, or enjoy an afternoon of laughter and fun.  The cheer and goodwill created is a priceless way to experience some of the ‘real life’ that expat’s and visitors tend to overlook.

Please note that only serious applicants with the required experience will be considered. Volunteers are required to either sponsor a project or actually doing some hands-on work in the association projects. If you want to apply please note also that you have to produce a police criminal record check or similar certificates before they accept the application. All volunteers must agree to and abide by the association’s Terms & Rules for Volunteering, which can be viewed on their website.

If you want to become a volunteer, click here !

Follow them on Facebook or visit their website.


Socially responsible enterprises provide sustainable travel opportunities in Phnom Penh


Daughters of Cambodia is a faith-based group of non profit social enterprises operating in Phnom Penh with the sole purpose of offering a new life of freedom to victims of sex-trafficking and sex-exploitation in Cambodia.
Daughters has several small businesses to provide jobs and training to girls who leave the sex industry. Their businesses are fair trade, where they provide higher salaries than in other comparable businesses in Cambodia and good working conditions.

1.Social Cafés to empower women


Dining with a purpose !

Sugar ‘n Spice Cafés are fully-operational restaurants offering a delicious range of foods sure to please any palate. But more than that, their cafés are vocational training centers, where girls who have been trafficked into Cambodia’s murky sex industry can start a new life. Central to Daughters’ mission is the provision of alternative employment for victims of sex trafficking. Their restaurants provide fair-trade jobs while producing an income stream that is reinvested in Daughters’ programs.

2. Charity Shop for a social travel : Daughters’ Boutique



The Daughters of Cambodia Boutique is the perfect showcase to purchase beautiful gifts that not only delight but also change lives. On display you will find fashion accessories including jewelry, scarves and bags, children’s toys, men’s products, T-shirts, and home décor.

Every item sold in the Daughters’ Boutique is produced by young women and men who were formerly trafficked into the sex industry are able to start a new life.

Daughters of Cambodia prioritize fair-trade conditions in all their businesses; clients are paid equitable salaries and have working conditions that promote health and welfare, along with a large number of free supplementary services.

3.Social Guesthouse for a sustainable tourism : White Linen Guesthouse


In White Linen Guesthouse, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your stay is exploitation free and that you are even helping victims of trafficking to start dreaming again.
These comfortable lounges, common kitchens and flexible booking options from single suites to entire floors, make White Linen a convenient choice for families and groups, while our complimentary breakfasts cooked just for you and our breezy balconies are welcoming for vacationers and couples.

Here you can travel and help at the same time !

4.Social Spa : Hands’n Feet Spa


Weary travelers in need of relaxation will find just what they’re looking for at our Hands ‘n Feet Spa for women. Hands ‘n Feet Spa offers an array of massage treatments specializing in techniques for hands, feet, head and shoulders. For women looking to add some sparkle to their look, the spa also offers manicure and pedicure treatments, including intricate, hand-painted nail designs, at unbeatable prices.

A registered Canadian massage therapist trained all of their spa staff, and is evident in the staff’s professionalism and techniques. Just a 30-minute session in their gifted hands will leave you refreshed, restored and re-energized, to get up and go again.

For more information about Daughters of Cambodia, click here  and follow them on Facebook !

You can also send an e-mail to Erin Foley at communications@daughtersofcambodia.org !

Charity Shop and social travel

Unique Thai home stays and tours to support social project


Local Alike partners with local villages in Thailand to offer you the best authentic experience in Thailand. Their immersive trips encourage you to live like a local; they also facilitate cultural exchanges between you and local friends.

This social enterprise has five key goals in making a positive impact on society; these are:

  • To foster the fair distribution of income to the local community
  • Promote a good quality of life for people in the community
  • Promote conservation of cultural arts and local wisdom
  • Reduce migration from rural to urban areas
  • Promote cultural exchanges between tourists and the community by creating alternatives for visitors to make contact with the local culture and lifestyle and experience it deeply.

Currently travel services come in three forms: the overnight Village Tour travel program, Day Tours, and the Activity-Based Tourism half-day tours. Aside from this, Local Alike also provides customized design and development of tour routes for tourists, schools, and other organizations.

To read some of the social impact stories created by Local Alike, check out their photo journal here.

If you want to book an activity, please visit their website here ! You can also visit their Facebook page here !


Charity shop supporting Tibetan refugees


Lha Charitable Trust operates Lha Tibet Fair Trade Pvt.ltd (LTFT) which is registered with the government of India’s ministry of corporate affairs under the company’s act of 1956, selling Tibetan handicrafts and souvenirs. It’s objectives are i) to generate income for Lha (a charity supporting the Tibetan community – many of whom are refugees) and ii) to operate an ethical business paying Tibetan artists and craftsmen a fair price for their work.

LTFT currently holds a limited quantity of approximately 150 lines of stock ranging from quite high value carpets through to lower cost prayer flags and wall hangings.

site web image finish

Lha Tibet Fair Trade’s business model is to operate in the wholesale market selling goods to NGOs and other trusted outlets abroad. Secondly, the showroom in LHA’s offices in Mcleod Ganj exhibits the goods for sale and operates a retail outlet.

Lha Charitable Trust is a grassroots, 12AA & 80G non-profit and one of the largest Tibetan social work organizations based in Dharamsala, India. They aim to provide vital resources for Tibetan refugees, the local Indian population, and people from the Himalayan regions. Lha plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian community by providing long-term rehabilitation and education resources.

For more information please visit the following link http://www.lhasocialwork.org/about-us.html


Tibetan refugee organisation seeking volunteers with professional skills


Lha is the largest volunteer host and coordination organization in the Tibetan refugee community of Dharamsala, India. A broad variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities is available for both skilled and unskilled individuals. Most volunteers work directly with Lha, while others are placed throughout the community with other NGOs.

website 3a

Lha needs volunteers for the following positions.  The required duration is minimum one month.

  • Social media Managing and and E-marketing
  • English, French, Chinese and German teaching and Tutoring
  • Web developers and Designers
  • English News Writers
  • Health care professionals
  • Fashion designers.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to manager@tibetfairtrade.com

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Soulcial City Walks


The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk aims to make the story of the children of the street heard and to give us a view of their world through their eyes. Participants of City Walk get to go on a journey through the enchanting streets of the inner city of Paharganj and the area around New Delhi railway station, led by a child who was once living and working on the streets. This walk takes you on a journey through the backstreets of Delhi with a child who has been fully trained as a local guide. It’s a unique way of providing an insight into the lives of these children and an opportunity for them to improve their communication and speaking skills.

web site 2

The confidence and witty smiles of these guides have little trace of the years spent on the streets of New Delhi. The past is however, very much present on the Walk. For the guides, it is a walk down the memory lane, the places held dear to them and how they faced the odds to survive to be where they stand proudly today. Whether your guide is Satender, Ajay, Iqbal, Tabrez, Tariq or any other City Walk Guide, feel free to question and learn as much as you can of life on the streets. And you might realize, as you walk along, that the distance you covered was much greater than that between the New Delhi Railway Station and the SBT office.

image web site 2

So come, join them to take a walk in the back alleys of Delhi. Be careful though. Dreams have a way of rubbing off!

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Nepal: Collecting donations in kind – Collecte de dons en nature


Main Tendue’s team is organising a FOOD and URGENT RELIEF MATERIAL DRIVE for NEPAL. We hope that you can make a contribution.

Main Tendue organise une Collecte Alimentaire et de Matériel pour le Népal, nous espérons que vous pourrez y contribuer.

The aim is to collect basic non-perishable products and Urgent Relief Material (see list below) that we will donate to two organizations that we are confident in. The food will be donated, in contact with Simret Jandu from Main Tendue team, to Sikh community of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) who is sending every day 25,000 food packets to Nepal, and the Material will be donated to Uday Fundation which is also sending everyday Material to Nepal.

Notre objectif est de collecter des denrées non périssables (voir la liste ci-dessous) et du matériel que nous allons donner à deux organisations dans lesquelles nous avons confiance. La nourriture sera déposée, en lien avec Simret Jandu de Main Tendue, à la communauté Sikh du Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) qui expédie chaque jour plus de 25000 repas vers le Népal et le matériel sera confié à la fondation UDAY qui a aussi des moyens d’acheminement et de distribution.

We are arranging some drop-off points starting tomorrow (Wednesday) and until Friday May 8th.  

Nous organisons une collecte des produits dans les points relais à partir de demain mercredi et jusqu’au vendredi 8 mai..

  1. Defense Colony – Clotilde Monnet  9650775931

D336 Defence Colony GF.  From Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

  1. Vasant Vihar : Adeline Fontaine – 8826816458

E12/4 Vasant Vihar ground floor.

Monday to Saturday  from 10am a 6pm 

  1. Anand Niketan, Shanti Niketan et West End :

Aurélie Fanielle 9910082356

A7 rear unit (ground floor – door on the right) Westend Colony
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm except between from 12am to 2pm

Christelle Villet 8826393445

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm except between 2 to 3 pm and Friday morning. C24 West End near Mount Carmel School 

  1. Jor Bagh : Caroline Wagner

You can drop to the guard anytime or to the maid 11am to 3pm.

20 Amrita Shergill Marg.

  1. Gurgaon : Nicolas Sokoloff.

Call Nicolas to arrange the drop of donations on 8588824869

  1. A l’école francaise, à partir de lundi 4 mai, les chauffeurs de Valérie Ribollet et Christelle Villet peuvent aussi prendre directement vos dons dans la voiture

Vikhas 9899721656

Kumar 9818347124

List of products
For food, you can give priority to quantity.

Pour la nourriture, les emballages par grande quantité sont bienvenus.

Dry food

Ordinary rice (Riz ordinaire)
Sugar (Sucre)
Milk powder (Lait en poudre)
Whole wheat flour (atta = farine complète) 


Feeding bottles (biberons)
Matches and Candles (allumettes et bougies)
Umbrellas & Raincoats (parapluies et vêtements imperméables)
Blankets and Sleeping Bags (couvertures et sacs de couchage)
Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets (bâches)

Any questions? Please contact Main Tendue team by email: contact.maintendue@gmail.com or getinvolved.maintendue@gmail.com or call Christelle on 8826393445.

If you prefer to donate money, you can do so through these links (french or Indian sites)

Si vous préférez donner de l’argent, vous pouvez le faire via ces liens (sites français ou indiens)






Croix Rouge:


IFRC (International fédération of Rec Cross and Red Crescent):


Fondation de France:


Médecins sans frontières:

http://www.msfindia.in ou www.msf.fr

Action contre la faim:


Handicap International:


A Big Thank You from Main Tendue Team and Nepalese


népal flag

Soulcial skating in Delhi!


Looking for a fun and soulcial activity for the kids during the holidays or on weekends?

India’s only indoor skate park in all of India is an excellent way to keep them active. It’s inexpensive, social and only 10 minutes drive from Saket malls in South Delhi.

Timings are daily 2-9PM, Sunday 3-7PM

Cost: RS. 200 per day or RS. 1000 per month. Ladies always get 50% discount… RS. 100 daily, RS. 500 monthly.

Why Soulcial? If you pay Rs. 2000 per month, this gives you and 2 other children from local street and slum projects unlimited entry – one paid for by you, the other by Freemotion. Freemotion is involved in capacity building to develop skills among children who are the most endangered and potentially victims of trafficing.  

Anyone is welcome regardless of skill level, age, etc. Boards, pads, helmets available for free use if you don’t have your own. They even sell new skateboards if you wish to buy one.

Trainers are available for general instruction during open hours for free;  individual classes cost RS. 500 per hour

Before 2PM the skate park is available for birthday parties, etc.

For more information: http://freemotionsk8.com


K.D. Plaza Basement
Freedom Fighters Enclave
Neb Sarai
New Delhi 110 068
Btn Gates 2&3 on IGNOU Rd


Tel: +91 88269 65320

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Janet Sheed Roberts Residential School seeking volunteer teachers, physiotherapists, care assistants…

Janet Sheed Roberts Residential School is currently looking for specialist teachers to teach deaf/mute children and to work with children with mental special needs. The facilities are quite basic but the school and staff are extremely welcoming and you quickly forget the conditions when you get involved in the work.

Situated in the small village of Basai, some 10km from the town of Ramnagar, the school is in the grounds of a secondary school, built and administered by local NGO, USR Indu Samiti, with whom Lotus Flower Trust has partnered to manage the construction of the residential school and who will take over its day-to-day running.
Fifty children are registered so far with a spectrum of challenges from cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, club foot, cleft palate and lip, deaf and dumb, partial blindness through to general mental challenges.  Each child has a medical record with photo, family details, diagnosis, medical and hospital record, health and education plan.

If there is anyone with the aforementioned skills who would like to take a volunteer placement for three months, please contact them for more details.

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