Mikayla Holmgren: “People with Down syndrome are beautiful and talented”

May 19, 2017


Mikayla Holmgren has Down syndrome since birth.

But she doesn’t want to define herself by her disability though and she is determined to show it to the world.

Mikayla has been dancing since the age of 6 and has a real passion for this sport through which she can express herself. She has also been crowned as the Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing in 2015.

Recently, she learnt that her application for the Miss Minnesota USA pageant had been accepted by the jury.

The director of the pageant explains:

Seeing her extensive experience as an athlete and mentor, we saw her talent and self-confidence before her disability


Being the 1st competitor with Down Syndrome to this pageant, she wants to take advantage of this opportunity to show the world that disability and beauty are two concepts that can be associated.

By participating in this pageant, she wants to change the perception the world has towards disability.

“I want the whole world to see that I can do things that are hard and that people with Down syndrome are beautiful and talented,” she says.

Go for it Mikayla ! We couldn’t agree more with you !

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