Katie Savin : When a single idea leads to empowerment!

July 7, 2017

The Awesome Foundation designated the winner of July’s grant to Katie Savin with her project Peer-To-Peer Wheelchair Repair.

After discovering and benefitting the model proposed by the organization Easy Does It (EDI), revamping used and donated wheelchairs to give them to people who are in need, Katie started the project Peer-To-Peer Wheelchair Repair to take the concept further.

As a disabled adult who has benefited from EDI’s wheelchair program, I have the passion and vested interest in seeing this program thrive. – Katie


Katie wants to improve the initiative by opening workshops to people in wheelchairs to teach them how to repair them and providing the tools and parts that can otherwise be very expensive.

Through her programme she wants to teach new skills to disabled people using wheelchairs and empowering them by liberating their dependency on wheelchair repair companies.

Our community’s potential is endless when our basic needs are met! – Katie

If you want to learn more about Katie’s work, visit the project’s Facebook page