India, New Delhi : Volunteer as financial advisor for MESH

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Volunteer financial advisor required for MESH

MESH is an Indian NGO based in Uday Park, New Delhi (about 15 minutes from the British High Commission).

Their primary work is trading for rehabilitation. Using the principles of Fair Trade they buy products from groups of people affected by leprosy or with disabilities, and market them nationally from their shop in Uday Park and by export across the world.
In order to do all that more effectively they provide design support and capacity building support for the groups they buy from who are located across India.

Please see MESH website for more details and their Facebook page.

The total turnover of MESH in 2014/15 including funding for projects was Rs.22.8 million.
They have a staff of 14 people including one capable young accounts clerk responsible for all accounting matters, payroll, preparing for audit etc.
The senior most members of the team do not have any background in financial management and there is a need to recruit a Finance Manager/Director but funds are tight and they are struggling to find suitable candidates.
They do not want to wait until they find someone to begin building a long term financial strategy.

They need help to critically analyze their financial situation, identify ways to make the organization financially sustainable and the steps to be taken for long term growth.
The volunteer would have the opportunity to mentor their accounts clerk by talking him through the thinking processes for sound financial management and equip the senior management with an understanding of the basics of financial management.

The volunteer will need to have a good level of expertise in this field but the amount of time committed to MESH can be as little or as much as the volunteer wishes.
This volunteer activity has the potential to greatly impact MESH’s work and can be very rewarding for the volunteer.

Anyone interested may contact me at

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