India, Delhi : Seeking volunteers for charity fashion show and art-education projects

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Arpan, an NGO operating in the field of innovative education, is seeking volunteers for its charity fashion show and art education projects


Arpan is a 2006 Registered Trust, which is actively  operating in the field of innovative education.

They started providing free tuition in various slums of Delhi and today they are reaching 500 children within the age group of 7-­17 years of age.  Their primary focus area has been to use education as a tool for the holistic development of each child. 

They use performing and visual arts for Life Skills training.
They are on a mission to take positive role models to the doorstep of each child existing in challenging situations, such as the urban slums, shelter homes and children on the streets.
They use theatre, painting, storytelling, movies, interactive games and wall painting to fulfill their mission.

Arpan have been mindful to keep their reach all inclusive; they are targeting children with special needs, children from disadvantaged socio-­economic strata and children in mainstream schools as well.

Through constructive ‘play’ activities they want to bring in much-needed behavioural change, empower children to understand and deal with various issues concerning them and in turn make them active change agents for the future.


These are our major projects that Arpan is currently running :

1) Rainbow town : They are running this project in an urban slum community in R.K.Puram, New  Delhi, where they provide art therapy to children and training children in various life skills.  .

2) Eco legends is a project in a public school, to train children in  green living; this also uses tools like art and craft.

3) Count me in : This project is aimed to help visually impaired children in one of the schools in Andh Vidyalaya; here they provide life skills through performing arts like story telling, and theatre.

Arpan is seeking volunteers to help out with all these educational art projects. For details on how you can take part and spend time educating children through these creative projects, please write directly to Arpan. (Email details below.)

Fashion Show

Arpan is planning to hold a Charity fashion show to raise funds and awareness and seeking volunteers who can organize and participate.  Anyone interested should contact Arpan directly, by writing to Sneha Thakur:

All funds  raised will help support the child education projects operated by the NGO.

For further details kindly have a look at their website, their Facebook page and/or their blog.

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