Free Wheelchair Mission: one million wheelchair given

July 18, 2017

The NGO Free Wheelchair Mission has given its millionth wheelchair since its creation in 2001.

Thanks to generous donors and a specific method of production and delivering, the wheelchairs cost only 80$ compared to the significant price it can have in developed countries. This system allows Free Wheelchair Mission to provide wheelchairs all around the world to people with little to no mobility in developing countries.


Here is Vo Thi Thuy Hien, of Vietnam who received the millionth wheelchair.

The founder of the organization, Don Schoendorfer, came to the idea by witnessing a woman’s difficulty to drag herself across a road. The engineer later gave up his career to dedicate himself to helping people in need of mobility. He invented a basic, inexpensive and lasting wheelchair and spread the model as far as he could.

Find out more about his initiative here