Created in 2003 under the name of Toulouse Handi Ovalie Mixte (THOM) on the initiative of Alexandre Benzenet, former rugby player, the Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport (STRH) is both a sports club focused on competitive performance and an association carrying out a social integration project. Starting from nothing, the STRH patiently built and developed its associative project by deploying a growing number of innovative and striking actions in the field of solidarity sport.


Pablo Neuman, the Association Director; Nicolas Coste, Sports Director and Clément Trézeux, Sport Educator manage STRH.

Thanks to an original concept, loyal partners, a professional structure, and the growing collective emulation generated by its projects, the club has achieved an unprecedented success in the world of wheelchair sports.

The associative project of the Stade Toulousain Handisport (STRH) is based on the duality between the “sports” pole and the “social action” pole.

The missions of the STRH are twofold. On one hand, they have the competitive or leisure sports objectives, and on the other hand the objectives of accompaniment, insertion and awareness.

toulouse victoire

The STRH offers two disciplines of Handi Rugby, namely the Quad Rugby and the Rugby XIII wheelchair. You can find out more about Club players at this link for the Rudby Quad and this link for the Rugby XIII wheelchair.

NB: the team’s website is in French, so do not hesitate to send us an email at if you need more information about STRH.


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