Things are moving in India!

February 2, 2017


Disabled people represent 2.1% of the population in India. Across this huge developing country, disabled people face discrimination in their everyday lives, both within the society and at work. For those who have already travelled to India from developed countries, the conclusion is alarming: accessibility for disabled people there is either rare or nonexistent.

Recently however, the government has begun to implement special programs to help disabled persons. Through skills development programs, disabled people from rural areas will be given the chance to get a job and to be paid a minimum monthly salary of RS 26,000 (around 385 USD). The initiative comes after a series of other incentives recently carried out specifically for disabled people.

This gives enormous hope for a future where disabled people could stop facing discrimination in India. They already face more difficulties and challenges than able bodied people. There are plenty of jobs they can perform if they receive appropriate training.


So, let’s encourage this kind of initiative and raise our voices for equality all around the world!

Read more about these incentives on the Hindustan Times via this link: