The idea to create a wheelchair rugby sports section, a quad rugby club in Toulon, was launched in June 2013 by Olivier GUYOT, director of the association RCT.

Since then, the project evolved, to include more flexibility, openness and the integration of new sponsors. The association was born in December 22, 2014.


The “Rugby Fauteuil Club Toulon Provence Méditerranée” is chaired by Guillaume Melenchon, a former RCT player seriously injured in 2000, while playing for the French national team, following a collapsed scrum. The association is based at the Rugby Club.

The director of the Côte d’Azur committee Henri MONDINO is involved in this project and provides the infrastructure of the rugby club, his know-how, his experience and his conviviality.
Assisted and supported by Lisa Martinez, an activist in many associations, Guillaume Mélenchon started to recruit players to build a competitive team.

Thanks to his willingness and his strong commitment to this cause, the Quad Rugby in Toulon team now numbers ten committed players and a passionate and involved staff team.

toulon action

They are now represented in the main regional sporting tournaments with their participation at the championship and the Mediterranean Cup.

Sport is the basis of their project but it also involves a great commitment to solidarity by raising public awareness about disability in different ways. Find out more here.

NB: the team’s website is in French, so do not hesitate to send us an email at if you need more information about RFCTPM.

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