The employment support project was born as a direct response to the needs of the adult players of the adaptive sports project. Earning an average of $13/day for an average family size of five, our wheelchair sports players and their families nevertheless depend on an unreliable income which can result in much lower earnings of only $1/day. Most are unable to find stable employment due to a lack of education (often from not being allowed to go to school due to their disability) and employment discrimination against people with disabilities. The Employment Support project works to connect stable employment opportunities in Siem Reap with the players of the adaptive sports teams; promote and expand businesses run by people with disabilities in Cambodia; and identify existing resources where our players can receive hard skills training for job employment. Through the adaptive sports project, players learn soft skills such as leadership and teamwork. The Employment Support project complements this with hard skills that the players need to gain stable employment.


  • Expand opportunities and skills for people with disabilities to be more involved in society.
  • Increase our players average monthly income by 10%.

Businesses in Cambodia owned and/or operated by people with disabilities

Khmer Independent Life Team

Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT)’s mission is to end the cycle of poverty caused by landmines and disabilities and to provide jobs for people with disabilities, allowing them the opportunity to have access to the resources that they need in order to reach their full potential and their highest level of personal independence.

KILT members make and sell beautiful stone and copper wire jewellery to visitors and expats in Siem Reap, as well as run workshops for visitors to make their own jewellery. For more information, visit their website, Facebook page, or call KILT’s founder, Bel, at +855 (0) 334 386.

Mobilituk in Siem Reap

With support from ICRC Cambodia, Angkor Association for the Disabled runs a Mobilituk in Siem Reap, an accessible tuk tuk with a back that folds down into a ramp to accommodate a wheelchair. Tourists in wheelchairs can explore the ancient temples of Angkor on the back of a tuk tuk in comfort and style. In addition to the wheelchair, the tuk tuk can hold two other passengers.

The mobilituk is available for day tours by contacting +855 (0) 96 725 3136 (English or Khmer).

Essential Personnel

Essential Personnel is a local NGO in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampot that provides training courses for people with disabilities in Cambodia and runs several social enterprise businesses to support their programs. In Siem Reap, they currently run:

  • laundry
  • mobile phone repair
  • print shop
  • graphic design
  • t-shirt printing

For more information on their services, e-mail run-rom@essentialpersonnelcambodia.org or call Mr. Run Rum at +855 (0) 90 666 838.

Action Cambodge Handicap

Action Cambodge Handicap is a French NGO in Phnom Penh that produces high quality jams and syrups made by people with mental disabilities. Their goal is to help adults be independent so they can have a social status to be proud of.

You can find their jams in Phnom Penh at various markets, coffee shops, and stores. Visit their Facebook page or website for more details.

To stock their jam in your store in Siem Reap, email Soulcial Trust at marketing@soulcialtrust.org