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classThe Soulcial Trust’s “Disability in India” & “Disability in Cambodia” educational programme aims to help schools and organisations in India and Cambodia, understand more about disability in these countries specifically, the complexities and challenges of living there for disabled people, with a focus on various aspects of life from education to government policy, accessibility challenges, disability and employment as well as in the family. The programme is designed to be presented to schools, businesses, expat network groups and any other organization interested in learning more about “Disability in India” and “Disability in Cambodia”. This programme can be modified according to the age groups to which it is addressed.


The programme is organised in 12 chapters:

    1. What is disability?
    2. Statistics on disability
    3. Accessibility challenges
    4. Government policy
    5. Children with disability
    6. Family, Caretakers & Siblings
    7. Education
    8. Sport and disability
    9. NGOs and disability
    10. Disability in the media & entertainment
    11. Sensitizing etiquettes (Activity)
    12. Fun facts / Myths (Case studies, inspirational stories)

Chapter I gives an overview on disability in the country, with 5 types of disabilities that exist: physical, speech and locomotors disability, blindness and deafness.

chapter 1

Chapter II deals with the statistics from Census 2011, as well as statistics on several aspects such as geographical and sectorial.


Chapter III reviews the challenges that disabled people face, and the solutions that need to be considered.


Chapter IV focuses on the decisions taken by the National Policy under 3 topics: prevention of disabilities, rehabilitation measures and children policy.


Chapter V demonstrates that it is children who are mostly affected from disability and the government recommendations to better integrate them in society.


Chapter VI discusses the importance of family, friends and other groups for people with disabilities through their support.


Chapter VII focuses on the importance of education and reveals the necessity to improve schools for children with disabilities, with better teaching/learning tools, and facilities.


Chapter VIII showcases certain disciplines of disability sports, such as wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair curling among others.

Sans titre

Chapter IX talks about some of the organisations, large and small, which focus on disability like Handicap International, ESCIP, Latika Roy Foundation or Enable India.


Chapter X reveals some famous personalities who are often in the media who live with disabilities and tells their story.


Chapter XI sensitizes on disability awareness and gives advice on how to communicate with disabled people, with the right etiquette and behaviour.


Chapter XII tells the emotional stories of people with disabilities.



It is hoped that through this educational programme, the voice of disabled people in India and Cambodia will be heard more clearly, their plight empathized with and actions taken. Actions may and will inevitably start small… a ramp in front of a school, a wider gate or door in a Church, companies more proactively seeking to employ people with disability etc.

Our aim is to instigate more societal changes, where the government will make conscious and proactive efforts to reduce the exclusion which disabled people are victim of, by enforcing more ‘accessibility’ at all levels – from pavements which allow uninterrupted wheelchair access, to public buildings and spaces being made accessible and increased employment rights through minimum quotas.

You can help…

Building awareness is the major challenge at the outset. You can help spread the word by encouraging your workplace, social club, school or church to invite The Soulcial Trust to come to present the educational programme in one or more sessions.

Please contact us:

Guddu: guddu@soulcialtravel.com

Michael: michael@soulcialtravel.com

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