The disability education course is our long-term initiative
 focusing on teaching children about the challenges and triumphs for people living with disabilities. Our classroom curriculum instills an understanding of the difficulties people with disabilities face and ways for all of us to be part of the solution to overcome disability’s social stigma. We include sports as a key element of the “solutions” aspect. Our curriculum has wheelchair sports demonstrations and talks from our ambassadors—people with their own physical challenges sharing their experiences. Reaching children and youth is essential to creating a society that celebrates inclusiveness and support for all people.



  • Create a network children and youth able to teach communities about disability issues.
  • Increase understanding of disability among children and youth.
  • Integrate disability education into government curriculum and public discourse


Our course is divided into five parts:

  1. Session 1: What is disability?
  2. Session 2: Living with a disability
  3. Session 3: Behaviour towards people with a disability
  4. Adaptive sports visit
  5. Student-led projects

Our classroom course is aimed at school groups and includes a more traditional education format while still being flexible and interactive. The classroom course consists of one to three workshop sessions in school, a wheelchair sports demonstration, and a final student-run project. The course is completely customisable based on the needs of the particular classroom: some schools want one workshop session, some only want the initial three sessions, and some choose to not include the student-run project. The course can also be adapted to various age groups from ages 7 to 17.

Session 1: What is disability? Focuses on students’ understanding of disability and defines different types of disability and their causes.

Session 2: Living with a disability Highlights the challenges people with disabilities face in every day life and how to make society more inclusive.

Session 3: Behaviour towards people with disability Addresses people’s attitudes and behaviours towards people with disability and how individuals can be more inclusive.

Adaptive Sports Visit Brings the students outside the classroom to learn about adaptive sports by attending an adaptive sports training. Students interact with the players of the adaptive sports projects, who teach the children the rules and various training exercises of their sport.

Student-led Projects Works with the students on a final project related to disability. Projects are up to the students and can include the creation of awareness posters, a fundraiser, creative presentations about disability to their school, etc. Soulcial Trust provides support for the projects and additional educational content as needed.

You can help…

Building awareness is the major challenge at the outset. You can help spread the word by encouraging your workplace, social club, school or church to invite Soulcial Trust to present the Disability Education Course in one or more sessions.

Please contact us:

Guddu (India): guddu@soulcialtravel.com

XLability Project Manager (Cambodia): xlability@soulcialtrust.org

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