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XXXXXX« XLability » is a sustainable development project designed to reduce social exclusion for disabled people in India, Cambodia and beyond.


XLability enables disabled people to become more autonomous.  It strives to improve accessibility and promote public awareness for disability issues to remove the inequality and exclusion they face every day.

International Wheelchair Sports Exchange


XLability Is a disability awareness and empowerment programme which involves three distinct projects: an educational programme in schools, the creation of a wheelchair sports centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the provision of equipment for the centre and an international wheelchair sports exchange programme over a 3 year period.

The teams involved in the project are the wheelchair rugby teams of Toulouse Stadium, Toulon Stadium and Montpellier; the Delhi Warriors of New-Delhi, India, and the wheelchair basketball team of Battambang, Cambodia.

Our objectives for the players:

  • Build their independence and self-esteem
  • Develop their physical ability and skills in the discipline
  • Contribute to the movement for social equality as ambassadors for the disabled in India

    Become a sponsor of this social responsibility programme. We are seeking donations to finance the Wheelchair Rugby exchange and  put the cause for disability equality under the international spotlight.

    You can watch videos of the Delhi Warriors team on our Youtube Channel here

    Project details

    First year

    The Trust is currently partnering with local organisations in Cambodia for the creation of the wheelchair sports centre at a provincial sports centre. Two members of staff, one Cambodian, one French are charged with reaching out to the local disabled community and NGOs to enrol people with disability into the sports centre. They will also manage the weekly trainings, including the logistical aspects of transporting the players to the venue. In autumn 2017, we will bring four members from the Toulouse and Montpellier teams and two Indian players of the “Delhi Warriors” to Cambodia to practice together with the ladies team from Battambang. All teams will share and learn skills in wheelchair rugby, basketball and tennis.

    Second year

    In 2018 while the wheelchair sports centre will continue to attract more players and empower the disabled participants to train other disabled people in the wheelchair sports. Sufficient funds will have been raised to purchase a second hand vehicle to transport the players. Each year new chairs will be needed to cater to the growing number of players.
    In the international training programme, two members of the “Delhi Warriors” wheelchair rugby team, two members of the Battambang wheelchair basketball team and two members of the Soulcial Trust will travel to France. The ladies from the Battambang team will have the opportunity to teach the skills and techniques of wheelchair basketball to the entire French teams as well as the Indians participants. From the second year onwards, after their return in India, the Delhi team will be reaching out to teams around India to help them build their respective regional teams and share aspects of the training.

    Third year

    By the third year of the programme, the Cambodian teams from the wheelchair sports centre in Siem Reap and Battambang will be competing in leagues. The regularity of the training and the matches will serve to generate more interest from the local population and help reduce the barriers in society, allowing people with disability to integrate and lead more normal lives.
    In the international programme, six team members of Toulon, Toulouse and Montpellier, along with all the Cambodian team will convene in India to train with the Indian players. For this part of the exchange, the Soulcial Trust will invite players from all around India to meet in Delhi for the training. This meeting will end with a friendly tournament where wheelchair basketball and rugby will be played.

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