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Soulcial Hindi classes starting soon in South Delhi

Soulcialtravel is pleased to partner with Hindi teacher Amit Kaushik to provide Hindi language classes that will make a real difference.  You can help others while you learn

At least 20% and up to 40%, depending on the number of students, of the proceeds of the classes will be donated to a charity for disabled people in Delhi (details upon request).

Classes cost between  Rs400 and Rs 500 per hour, depending on group sizes. Groups will be no more than 6 people.

Amit provides Hindi classes specifically armed at Foreigners & New residents Indians, from a beginner to an advanced level. He will make it easy for you to understand, speak, read & write in Hindi.

Let us know your level and preferred days by completing this 3 question survey and we’ll get back to you with details of the courses. (

Classes will start soon in November and will take place at the Chill and Chai coffee shop, situated in Khoj Arts Institute, S-17, Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar (opposite Select City Walk, Saket).


For further information please write to us at

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Hand 2 Hand Home of Grace

There are a large number of under privileged communities struggling to survive in flimsy make-shift shelters, which offer only minimal protection against the harsh climatic conditions in Delhi. Disease is rife and this is exacerbated by severe malnutrition. Children, like their parents, have little or no opportunities for education and many spend their days scavenging and aimlessly roaming the streets.

Hand2Hand Home of Grace’s mission is to help the Under Privileged Children and their communities in New Delhi achieve a secure and sustainable future by addressing the root causes of their poverty and ill-health through a range of education and health-based projects currently being done at the operational Day Care Center in Nebsarai, New Delhi.


Hand2Hand operates a day care service with an emphasis on health & education for children, whose families cannot provide them with proper care given their financial situation. These families, for a variety of reasons, are now desperate. Their children cannot be sent to school or fed properly given their parents’ meagre wages.

The families have asked for help to take care of the children and provide them with a basic preschool education.

Some of them are still too small or not ready for school, but they have their own teacher who comes every morning to conduct a Montessori class. For one hour, they play with building block games and other exciting manual activities. They have a dedicated nap time every day to recover from the activities. A lot of focus and attention is given to their health condition & hygiene. The children are also given three healthy nutritious meals each day.

Hand2Hand also have an “EMPOWERMENT SHOPPE” project where hand woven products and crocheted products made by the Under Privileged Mothers they serve are sold and part of an Income Generation Program for them.

You can help.

Whether by volunteering to help at the centre or by donating much needed clothes (especially winter clothes) or books, the support is much needed and appreciated.

Please contact them and ask how or tell them how you would like to help.

You can also visit their Facebook page.

Address: Hand2Hand Home of Grace, Khasra 117/3, Second Floor, Nebsarai, New Delhi – 110068

Contact – 9654099998

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