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Impact India Foundation is looking for volunteers

The vision of Impact India Foundation : Action Today To Prevent Disability Tomorrow

Their Mission :

  • To initiate, augment and intensify action against those causes of massively prevalent disablement against which there exists a potential for prevention and control, which can be delivered through existing delivery systems and available infrastructure.
  • To treat millions of people who are disabled by curable blindness, deafness and physical handicaps and deformities, by restoring sight, hearing, mobility and correction of facial deformities.

Impact India has two major ongoing projects :

– The Lifeline Express (LLE) Hospital Train
– The Community Health Initiative

What they need ?

project-lleFor the Lifeline Express Hospital Train:

Volunteers (up to five/six at a time) such as medical students , journalists, photographers, film makers or research students who wish to study this remarkable project, which provides medical treatment to about 6000 disabled poor people of all ages and gender in rural areas.

Treatment includes surgical correction of vision, hearing, cleft lips, orthopaedic, and treatment of epilepsy and dental problems, as well as, detection of breast, oral & cervical cancer). ALL treatment is conducted free of cost, at a rural railway station.

Volunteers’ missions : The volunteers could serve at the patients registration desks, in the pre and post operative areas, interact with the corporate sponsors and take care of the well-being of patients.  They could interview doctors, nurses and others involved in the project’s organisation.
project-chiFor the The Community Health Initiative : Seeking volunteers (upto five/six at a time) in Palghar district (located three hours North of Mumbai) in Maharashtra, India.

This project aims at the prevention of future disability and the generation of health through interventions focused on Adolescent, Reproductive, Maternal & Child Health Education and Nutrition in an integrated manner.
They are currently working in two locations in the Palghar District and would welcome medical students, research students, journalists, photographers and even those interested in understanding the challenges of living in rural India.

Volunteers’ missions : Help with the preparation / design of visual Flip Charts, Posters and other public health education materials (in the local language – Marathi) on subjects such as reducing anaemia in adolescent girls, rubella immunisation, sanitation & hygiene, cultivation of kitchen gardens, documentation of the initiatives (in English) and even training the CHI Field staff on basic computer skills (in English).

Good quality, high-resolution photographs are ongoing requirements at both projects.

Volunteering duration: Volunteers to both projects can stay for a few days, a few weeks or even many months, by paying for their own cost of travel, accommodation and hospitality.

If you want to apply, please send an e-mail to :

For more information about Impact India Foundation, you can visit their website or/and follow them on Facebook.


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