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AFIPE the Indo French Association for Education seeks volunteers with professional skills 

AFIPE/FITFE provides education for girls living in one of Malad’s slums in Bombay.
The NGO provides them with books, note books, stationery and school fees.
When it is possible, it also organizes parties in the slum and picnics by the sea.
French volunteers come in to help from time to time.





The association needs volunteers for shorts periods (one month maximum)
A number of skills are needed: medical, entertainment, drawing, hobbies etc.
They are also looking for volunteers with communication skills.

They are also interested in donations of stationery, books and note books (NB note books should be the Indian format).



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If you want to apply, please send an e-mail to :

For more information about AFIPE, you can visit their website



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Hearts For Hue is a local NGO in Hue city, Vietnam, working to improve the quality of life of Hue’s boat resettled people in the areas of health, education, sanitation, environment and hygiene awareness and household economic development, with particular attention to the communities’ children.


3-4 volunteers per year.


The volunteers should have experience in business development, microfinance management, or organization development.


Volunteers should be able to dedicate at least 6 months​ to the mission.


​-​Teaching English

-Coordinating with their officers to carry out out microfinance, livelihood support programs and community service programs

-Administrative work



If you want to apply, please send an e-mail to :

For more information about Hearts for Hue, you can visit their website and their profile.

Heart for Hue

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