• Where there’s a wheel there’s a way
  • Before I was disabled, now I’m a Rugby player!
  • Accessibility for all
  • Where there’s a wheel there’s a way
  • Before I was disabled, now I’m a Rugby player!
  • Accessibility for all

Help empower people with disabilities in India and Cambodia

« XLability » is a sustainable development project designed to reduce social exclusion for disabled people.

Life is a challenge for disabled people over the world – it is infinitely more so in India and Cambodia where physical, psychological and social barriers are a daily reality.

XLability enables disabled people to become more autonomous. It strives to improve accessibility and promote public awareness for disability issues to remove the inequality and exclusion they face every day.

XLability is a disability awareness and empowerment programme which involves three distinct projects:

Our actions:

  • Educational programme for schools
  • Creation of a wheelchair sports centre in Cambodia
  • International Wheelchair Sports Exchange


Provide an educational programme for schools in India and Cambodia



The educational programme is our long term sensitisation initiative where we go into schools and present a 12 chapter programme to school children about the various forms of disability, the challenges people with disability face at all levels, and what solutions exist to help disabled people. Sport is a key element of the “solutions” aspect and includes wheelchair sports demonstrations and talks from our ambassadors who are people with disability and can share their experience.


Create a wheelchair sports centre in Cambodia



The second aspect is the creation of a wheelchair sports centre in Cambodia – but with a difference. It will be an all-ability sports centre so able-bodied people and disabled people alike can come together and play sports together as opposed to only among disabled people. This will facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in society – the major objective of the XLability initiative. The sports centre will involve wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and wheelchair rugby. The objective of the centre is to bring a sustainable programme which provides people with disability regular sporting social activities. Through this, they will also learn new skills and go on to empower other disabled people like them. The project is being set up in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Physical Rehabilitation Centre in Siem Reap and the Angkor Association for the Disabled. The Trust will be recruiting disabled people to attend the training and coordinating the training sessions.


Promote sports for India’s and Cambodia’s disabled and help banish social exclusion…

« Before I was disabled; now, I’m a rugby player »

Puru, 30, paraplegic.

The third tier, is a three-year international wheelchair sports exchange programme which involves the ladies wheelchair basketball team from Battambang in Cambodia, the wheelchair rugby team from New Delhi, and two teams from France: Toulouse and Montepellier. The project has several aims: teaching new skills to the players from India and Cambodia, helping them to be able to then go on to coach other disabled people locally, and raising awareness both locally and internationally about the cause for disability rights.

By disabled; for disabled…

Our objectives for the players:

  • Build their independence and self-esteem
  • Develop their physical ability and skills in the discipline
  • Contribute to the movement for social equality as ambassadors for the disabled in India