• Where there’s a wheel there’s a way
  • Before I was disabled, now I’m a Rugby player!
  • Accessibility for all
  • Where there’s a wheel there’s a way
  • Before I was disabled, now I’m a Rugby player!

Empowering people with disabilities in India and Cambodia

« XLability Association» is a sustainable development project designed to reduce social exclusion for people with disabilities.

Life is a challenge for people with disabilities all over the world – it is infinitely more so in India and Cambodia where physical, psychological and social barriers are a daily reality.

Our XLability programme, in collaboration with implementing partner Soulcial Trust, enables people with disabilities to become more autonomous. We strive to improve accessibility and promote public awareness for disability issues to remove the inequality and exclusion they face every day.

The programme is a disability awareness and adaptive sports development programme in Siem Reap and New Delhi. We strongly believe that sports and education are fundamental for drawing people with disabilities into the fabric of society. Often viewed as outcasts or unrecognised for their strength of character, our goal is to empower the community of people with disabilities through the values, challenges, and ethics of athletics’ inclusive, 
team-oriented culture. We intend to break the cycle of isolation that too often characterises the lives of people with physical disabilities, especially in low income and rural communities.

Through sports, the XLability programme enables people with disabilities to become more autonomous. It strives to improve accessibility and promote public awareness for disability issues to remove the inequality and exclusion they face every day.

The XLability programme is a disability awareness and empowerment programme that involves four distinct projects:

  • Educational programme for schools
  • Adaptive sporting activities
  • International Wheelchair Sports Exchange
  • Employment support project


Disability Education Course


The DISABILITY EDUCATION COURSE is our long-term initiative
 focusing on teaching children about the challenges and triumphs for people living with disabilities. Our classroom curriculum instills an understanding of the difficulties people with disabilities face and ways for all of us to be part of the solution to overcome disability’s social stigma. We include sports as a key element of the “solutions” aspect. Our curriculum has wheelchair sports demonstrations and talks from our ambassadors—people with their own physical challenges sharing their experiences. Reaching children and youth is essential to creating a society that celebrates inclusiveness and support for all people.

Adaptive Sports


Our ADAPTIVE SPORTS project serves as an inclusive platform in which people across all ages and all abilities can socialise and create a network of support. The project currently includes wheelchair basketball in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with plans to expand to other sports. The main objective is to address people with disabilities’ social isolation by creating a stimulating environment where people of all abilities can interact and benefit from the positive impacts of sports. Participants in the sporting activities develop confidence, a sense of self-worth, leadership abilities, and self-discipline—all skills that are important for social integration and increasing employment opportunities.

International Wheelchair Sports Exchange

The INTERNATIONAL WHEELCHAIR SPORTS EXCHANGE will bring together teams from three countries: the wheelchair basketball teams from Battambang and Siem Reap, Cambodia; the wheelchair rugby team from New Delhi, India; and the wheelchair rugby clubs from the French cities of Toulouse, Toulon and Montpellier. The players will have the opportunity to teach one another their respective sports, exchange techniques, and experience life for people with disabilities in each of the three countries. Over time, the new players from each of the countries will hone their own skills to assist in the creation of new teams throughout Cambodia and India.

Our objectives for the players:

  • Build independence and self-esteem
  • Develop physical ability and skills in the discipline
  • Contribute to the movement for social equality as ambassadors for people with disabilities


Employment Support


The EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT project was born as a direct response to the needs of the adult players of the adaptive sports project. Earning an average of $13/day for an average family size of five, our wheelchair sports players and their families nevertheless depend on an unreliable income which can result in much lower earnings of only $1/day. Most are unable to find stable employment due to a lack of education (often from not being allowed to go to school due to their disability) and employment discrimination against people with disabilities. The Employment Support project works to connect stable employment opportunities in Siem Reap with the players of the adaptive sports teams; promote and expand businesses run by people with disabilities in Cambodia; and identify existing resources where our players can receive hard skills training for job employment.


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